Beyond: Two Souls bonus locations guide

Bonus Locations 7-13


Bonus: The Casting
7: When you first enter the building, make the first right and then look in a closet to the left of a large table to find it.

Bonus: Design Pack #6
8: When you reach the frozen hallway just before the Condenser, enter the room on the right of the hallway and look for the soul on the ground behind some desks.


Bonus: Kara
10: You can find this outside of the camp beside the blue tarp to the left of the exit.

Bonus: Design Pack #7
9: When you are running down the street with Stan to get baby supplies, make a left down the alley where you first ran into Stan and go left around the corner. Behind a dumpster there will be the soul.

First Night

Bonus: The Origins of Beyond: Two Souls
11: Go through the mirror and look in the right hand corner beside the desk.

Like Other Girls

Bonus: Design Pack #8
12: When you first enter the bar, look inside the men’s room.