Beyond the Wand

Opening a panel on the unit's side reveals four controller ports and two memory card slots that will look very familiar Nintendo fans. It supports both GameCube games and accessories, making it potentially the ultimate system for completists or first time gamers looking to play classic catch-up. The system accepts the smaller GameCube discs along with newer Revolution games on DVD-sized discs. But disappointingly if you want to watch movies on the Revolution you'll need to buy a separately sold attachment.

Above: Built-in backwards compatibility with GameCube games, controllers and memory cards.

The Revolution itself houses only 512 megabytes of internal memory, so if you're eager to download a lot of content you'll want to check out the SD memory card slot. These are the same cards used in many digital cameras, so they come in many sizes and are commonly available. Saving data and storing downloads shouldn't pose a problem. The machine's two USB ports could be used for any number of add-ons, though the most practical use could be for even more detachable storage devices.