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  • The - August 10, 2012 8:21 a.m.

    Have you guys ever seen Mutant Chronicles. It was a good adaptation of a video game.
  • profxubberley - August 10, 2012 7:34 a.m.

    Like others above me, I'm not sure if this is a joke or not. For my sins I've seen all of the films on this list (why, God, why?!). 10 DOA - as a fan of both terrible films and martial arts films this has a soft-spot in my heart. Plus I love Holly Vallance. Some of the action scenes aren't too bad and whoever plays the wrestler dude (Kevin Nash?) is a laugh. 9 Hitman - I watched this on a plane and seem to remember quite enjoying it in parts though it took itself too seriously (a common problem) 8 Max Payne - I also watched this on a plane and turned it off. That's right, I chose to look at the back of a seat rather than watch the rest of it. It's in hallowed company with Vin Diesel's the Pacifier in making me do this. 7 Resident Evil - I was expecting this to be atrocious but it was just dire instead so I suppose that's positive? The bit where she kicked a zombie dog in the face was fun. 6 Doom - This got better on a second watch but a large part of that has to be put down to the fact I love anything with the Rock or Karl Urban in. Sufficiently mental to classify as a 'good' videogame movie, though, of course, not actually good. 5 Super Mario - Even if the whole article isn't a joke, this bit definitely is. 4 Prince of Persia - Stands head and shoulders above the rest for me. I watched it with no expectations and found it to be exciting, funny and with an old-school Romancing the Stone-adventure vibe that I enjoyed. A fun romp. 3 Tomb Raider - I've seen it but I remember nothing about it which probably tells you all you need to know. Unfortunately, it's easily one of the better films on the list too. 2 Mortal Kombat - Like DOA this has a soft-spot for me as it's both amusingly terrible and has some decent fight scenes. Plus the CGI/claymation Goro is comedy gold. Doesn't take itself seriously and I can forgive most video game movies if they don't take themselves seriously. 1 Silent Hill - Objectively this is probably as good as Prince of Persia quality-wise, I just don't really like horror films. A cut above the rest though. In summary, for my money Prince of Persia and Silent Hill are the only two you could come anywhere near calling 'good'. DOA, Mortal Kombat and Doom have a sense of crazy fun-ness about them that I would recommend to the right people and Hitman has some good fighting. That's it. My favourite video game movie is definitely the anime Street Fighter movie though from the mid-90s. The recent Mortal Kombat mini-series gives me hope for the remake of that too (plus the attachment of Michael Jai White and Iko Uwais).
  • PBC13 - August 10, 2012 6:19 a.m.

    Weirdly I actually like the Resident Evil films much more than the games. They're not works of art or anything, but I find them much more exciting than the games. So if I was doing this list it would basically be Tomb Raider and all the Resident Evil films. You could say I have a weakness for a beautiful leading lady.
  • code_r - August 10, 2012 4:57 a.m.

    The movies are all terrible adaptations and terrible films. Silent Hill and maybe Tomb Raider almost push into the grade of mediocre, but don't quite make it. Slightly less awful than some others doesn't cut it when they are all really this bad.
  • xx_CaPTiiN_SpAiiN_zz - August 10, 2012 4:48 a.m.

    how did you miss out pokemon? the first one anyway it was the best video game movie ive seen!
  • jackthemenace - August 10, 2012 4:10 a.m.

    I'm surprised by how many of these films I've actually seen. I'm NOT surprised at how many of them were utter crap.
  • CitizenWolfie - August 10, 2012 3:06 a.m.

    Can't tell if this is meant to be a joke article or not. Anyway despite some of the shockers you have on there, I thought some of them were pretty cool and in the spirit of the video games they were based on. I loved Mortal Kombat/Mario Bros as a child and Hitman/Tomb Raider were alright as adaptations. Silent Hill remains the best of all the video game movies though. I really hate the later films in the Resident Evil series though. The first one wasn't totally terrible and I enjoyed seeing Jill and Nemesis in the second film but Apocalypse and Afterlife are awful. Afterlife in particular is like a bad Matrix clone and I resent the fact that the whole series seems to be a love letter to Mila Jovovich from Paul W.S Anderson. Fuck Alice. I wanted to see the original, George Romero scripted movie based on the mansion from the first game.
  • Clovin64 - August 10, 2012 2:10 a.m.

    Most of the movies mentioned here are jaw-droppingly terrible, so I first assumed this article was a joke. Then I remembred GR doesnt do joke articles anymore. :( Silent Hill was a good watch, and if the sequel still has a heavy use of Akira Yamaoaka's music, then I'll watch that one too.
  • marioman50 - August 9, 2012 11:09 p.m.

    what a coincidence, the best video game movies are also the only video game movies.
  • Sjoeki - August 10, 2012 10:31 a.m.

    I'm guessing you never heard of Uwe Boll? If you want to see some really bad game movies you should try the ones that he made.
  • robotdickens - August 9, 2012 9:36 p.m.

    This has to be the biggest joke ever. Though, there weren't many video game movies so as long as you put the right stuff on here I wouldn't be against this... but it's not.
  • haxxoromg - August 9, 2012 8:46 p.m.

    you know this is going to be a great list when you see the adjective "classic" describing the mario bros movie
  • Jacko415 - August 9, 2012 8:34 p.m.

    So Max Payne is higher than Hitman? Credibility of this list, out the window.
  • JMarsella09 - August 9, 2012 8:04 p.m.

    Ahh.. Umm... Ace Attorney maybe... I'm pretty sure most people like that.
  • BackwaterRifle - August 9, 2012 6:10 p.m.

    Silent Hill had fantastic use of barbed wire
  • evilpacman18 - August 9, 2012 6:01 p.m.

    Hitman is the best one out of all of these that I've seen. I'm glad it made this list, as soon as I saw the title it's what came to mind.
  • doominatorx6 - August 9, 2012 4:24 p.m.

    I saw Max Payne in theaters and couldn't stop laughing. That was an AWFUL movie. Doom was also a colossal joke. The only one I'd agree with on this list would have to be Mortal Kombat, since the other movies I either didn't see, or REALLY did not like. Surprisingly, my favorite movie based on a game was actually made by the notorious Uwe Boll; Postal. But... when you consider the source material, it kind of makes sense.
  • Fenghoang - August 9, 2012 9:25 p.m.

    I know right? I can't tell if this list was massive troll or not. But then again, I doubt it's even possible to list of 5 decent video game movies, so I guess this list was a very big stretch to say the least. The only ones that are even remotely watchable was Silent Hill, Resident Evil, PoP, and I guess Hitman and Tomb Raider if you're really stretching for a list of five. MK was okay when i saw as a kid, but I haven't seen it since so i can't really judge it, but the rest of this list is abhorrently terrible, especially the Mario and DoA movies... I mean really? Max Payne, in particular, was a MASSIVE disappointment. Out of all of the video game movies, this was by far one of the easiest to translate into a movie and good god did they fail big time. It had a classic film-noir styled story (set up as a classic mystery/thriller/revenge movie) with modern day action that would fit right in with Zack Snyder movies or the Matrix series, but no, they had to completely butcher it. Why didn't they just stick with the damn script in the first and/or second games? It would've been perfect. PoP could've been a lot better too if they stuck closer to the games. If they would've focused more and been more creative with the SoT trilogy themes (i.e. the fairy tale style of the first one, the time travel plot, or even the oppressive presence of the Dahaka in the second one), the movie probably could've been amazing. Movie should've included more parkour/acrobatics as well, but I guess it was done better than Max Payne's near total lack of bullet time... Video games seriously need to get the respect that comic book movies have been receiving in the past decade. Hollywood has shown that they're capable of it.
  • MyCoolWhiteLies - August 9, 2012 3:31 p.m.

    Yeesh, seeing this list reminds me of just how bad most game adaptations are. I think the top 4 are probably the only really watchable ones, with MK and SH the only two I'd watch more than once. Not a bad list of the top 10, just too bad the top 10 is still mostly garbage.
  • gilgamesh310 - August 9, 2012 3:22 p.m.

    I can't believe they would consider some of those films to be remotely good. 'Tomb Raider is the way to make videogame adaptions'. Are you fucking shitting me? It's a steaming pile of shit from start to finish. And Super Mario Brothers, good god! Why not just include House of the Dead? The only two films mentioned there that are remotely good are Mortal Kombat and Silnet Hill.

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