Best of GR videos: Every 8-bit Mega Man Boss stage

This video might be old, but thankfully, it’s still incredibly up to date! And so it shall remain, barring an announcement of Mega Man 11, which we’re in no hurry to see anyway. Nothing against the little blue guy, we obviously love the dude and haven’t been the least bit shy about showing it… It’s just that Mega Man 10 was so goddamned hard! Personally, I think it approaches being downright mean spirited, so I’m in no rush to play another annual release of masochistic nostalgia.

My opinion aside, just imagine the pain and frustration of having to update this video, with an even harder Mega Man game. Back on March 31, 2010 poor Brett and Joe painstakingly loaded up every Mega Man game that matters, recorded every single boss stage, then seamlessly connected Mr. Man’s classic run animation to make it look like he blows through the whole goddamned franchise without ever breaking stride. It was a lot of work, and we were happy people enjoyed it. However, it was nothing short of shocking to see how quickly and accurately all of you named the stages in the video - in the correct order – just to win a $10 PSN copy of the game. Frankly, it warmed our fragile heart cockles to know that, just like us, your love for the series runs Mega deep!

Mar 10, 2011


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