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Video: EVERY 8-bit Mega Man boss level!

Today, Mega Man 10 is finally available across all three major platforms. It hit WiiWare first, then PSN and now it’s officially part of Xbox Live Arcade. MM10 continues the retro look and spirit of MM9, which was in turn an homage to the NES classics that millions of gamers gushed over throughout the ‘80s and ‘90s.

What better way to celebrate this occasion than with a video that runs Mega Man through every single boss level from every 8-bit game?

We omitted 7 and 8 because they’re weirdo games that don’t fit the style (and they wouldn’t synch up as well, derp), and we also left out the Wily levels, as they’re never really part of the true Mega Man experience. Which is figuring out which bosses to beat in which order, by the way.

Be the first person to correctly name every boss level in the order they appear and we’ll award you with a FREEPSN Mega Man 10 download code! Submit your entries in the forumshere, and be sure to check thelovely list of rules.

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