Best of E3 06: PC


Publisher: EA
Developer: Crytek
Release Date: TBA 2007

Easily the best shooter that we got hands-on time with at the show; Crysis spun our heads all the way around with more physical gameplay and graphical goodies than we've ever seen before. Jungles were full of overwhelmingly beautiful foliage that twisted away as we tripped through the vines and leaves - until it all started cracking apart and falling on top of us in a hail of gunfire.

In a nod to the PC faithful, Crysis will not be available on consoles - they simply won't have the juice to run Crysis in all its glory. But at E3 last week, this Windows Vista poster child was running on mere current-gen hardware. Which only really sucks because we saw another demo that showed how much better still it will look once Vista is locked and loaded - wow.

Get more info on Crysishere.