Best of E3 06: PC


Publisher: EA
Developer: Maxis
Release Date: TBA 2007

A conversation with Spore creator Will Wright can easily take you off on tangents like astrophysics and existentialism, rather than focusing on his genius new strategy game that takes you from single-celled amoeba to galaxy conquering master race. But it's hard to wrap your head around how brilliant Wright is while he's exploring a new planet with childlike curiosity or chucking little aliens to a bloody, splattering end with his Abduction Ray. We haven't had so many unexpected laughs during a game demo since, well, ever. Procedurally generated mating... seriously? Defying categorization, this "next big thing" from Sims progenitor Wright is part strategy game and part evolution simulation - tossed into a blender with a car full of circus clowns.

We can't wait. And now non-PC gamers can queue up as well: Wright announced that he's bringing Spore to all next-gen consoles. Will Wright for two-headed, six-armed president!

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