Battlefield Bad Company - first look

Knowing this wanton destruction will probably be its best selling point, Battlefield Bad Company smartly provides the player with plenty of explosive tools. In addition to grenades and rocket launchers, we also played around with stolen tanks and mounted artillery guns. Nothing, though, created fireworks - and resulting rubble - like the mortar strikes and air strikes. We could use an army radio to call in the former (remember that part about bending rules?) or a laser target to manually guide in the latter from above.

The ability to lay waste to almost anything has subtler effects on gameplay as well. Are you tired of the loud, blaring alarm bell announcing your presence to the entire base? Shoot and silence it for good. Can't get a clear sniping path through the trees? Fire away branches and trunks blocking your view.

Just remember that the enemy can also use the destructible environments to their advantage. Hide inside a building to escape a powerful tank and the tank will simply vaporize the wall in front of you, if not the whole room surrounding you. The developers didn't want to make another shooter in which the player could avoid danger by "running and hiding in a tent."

A tent wouldn't last two seconds in Battlefield Bad Company. Watch for it in 2008 and watch GamesRadar for further coverage. We're particularly keen on seeing the multiplayer... can you imagine?