Battlefield 3 DLC roundup - Every new map, weapon and assignment

Everything you need to know about BF3's current and upcoming expansions, all in one place

Dice, developers of Battlefield 3, have already set their post-release content plans in motion releasing the Back to Karkand expansion at BF3s launch and most recently releasing the Close Quarters expansion. Each of Battlefield 3 DLC packs has a unique theme and adds completely different features including additional maps, weapons and assignments. While you can just purchase them all with Battlefield 3 Premium, that could be a lot of clams to throw down all at once especially for content youre not exactly sure you want.

Well, were here to relieve your woes with our breakdown of every BF3 DLC add-on current and upcoming. Every detail hasnt been released for all expansions, yet. So, keep checking back for more information as it becomes available.

Back to Karkand DLC pack (available now)


Four reimagined Battlefield maps

10 weapons and 3 vehicles

Conquest Assault mode

Conquest Assault mode is back from Battlefield 2 and plays similar to a game of Conquest with a little bit of a twist. One team starts with all map flags captured and its up to the attacking team to gain control before their tickets whittle down to nothing.

Additional dog tags


Back to Karkand brings back four classic maps from the previous Battlefield games. These arent just quick reskins; each one is completely remade for the modern era, making them feel almost entirely new.

Strike At Karkand

Wake Island

Gulf of Oman

Sharqi Peninsula


F35B - fighter jet

BTR-90 - infantry fighting vehicle

DPV Jeep - fast transport vehicle

Assignments and weapon unlocks

Best Friend Forever: unlocks FAMAS assault rifle

Get 10 revives and 10 heals

Professional Russian: unlocks L85A2 assault rifle

Get 100 kills with assault rifles, 20 kills with underslung grenade launchers, and win 5 deathmatch rounds.

Fixing it: unlocks HK53 carbine

Get 10 repairs and kill one enemy with a repair tool

It goes boom!: unlocks QBZ-95B carbine

Get 50 AT rocket kills, destroy an enemy vehicle with a repair tool and win five Conquest rounds.

Let it rain: unlocks QBB-95 light machine gun

Get 20 kills with light machine guns and two mortar kills.

Keep your head down: unlocks MG36 light machine gun

Get 100 kills with light machine guns, 50 suppression assists, and 50 resupplies

Specops: unlocks QBU-88 sniper rifle

Get 20 kills with sniper rifles and five laser designations.

Creeping death: unlocks L96 sniper rifle

Get 50 headshots, 50 spot assists, and 5 kills with the knife.

Familiar Territory: unlocks PP-19 personal defense weapon

Arm ten MCOMs, capture ten flags and play two total hours on the Strike at Karkand map

Scarred Veteran: unlocks the MK3A1 shotgun

Get ten kills with the PP-19, five kills while in the DPC Jeep, ten kills with the BTR-90 IFV, play two total hours on the Sharqi Peninsula map and play two hours on the Gulf of Oman map.

Close Quarters DLC pack (available now)


Close quarter, interior combat maps for 2-16 players

Four new maps plus 10 weapons and assignments

Gunmaster game mode

New dog tags


Donya Fortress

Operation 925


Ziba Tower

Assignments and weapon unlocks

Close Quarters includes 10 new Assignments that unlock 10 new weapons. The Assignments and weapon unlocks are listed below.

Shepard: AUG A3 assault rifle

Get 10 squad revives and 30 assault rifle kills.

Set us up the bomb: SCAR-L assault rifle

Get 20 kills with the underslung grenade launcher and 15 kills with hand grenades.

Done fixing: ACW-R carbine

Get 20 AT rocket kills and 30 kills with carbines.

My own terminator: MTAR-21 carbine

Get a kill with the EOD Bot and 100 kills with carbines.

No shortage: M417 sniper rifle

Get 20 squad resupplies and 20 kills with light machine guns.

Point blank: JNG-90 sniper rifle

Get 10 kills with C4 and 10 knife takedowns.

Team Player: L86LSW machine gun

Get 10 T-UGS assists and capture 20 flags.

Bullet point: LSAT machine gun

Get 50 kills with sniper rifles.

These hurt too: MP5K tactical machine pistol

Get 20 kills with pistols and 20 kills with shotguns.

Hold the trigger: SPAS-12 shotgun

Finish in the top five in a found of Gun Master and get 100 kills with submachine guns.

Armored Kill DLC pack (September 2012)


Tank Superiority mode

Four large scale maps

Twenty unlocks for new vehicles

New vehicles will be added including:

Two anti-tank platforms: the M1128 Mobile Gun System and the 2S25 Sprut

Two mobile artillery vehicles: the M142 HMARS and BM-21

ATV quad bike.

AC-130 gunship

Armored Kill is expected to release this September.

Aftermath DLC pack (December 2012)

The Battlefield 3: Aftermath DLC pack will be the fourth expansion release. No concrete details have been release on the DLC as of yet, but be sure to check back soon for more details.

End Game DLC pack (March 2013)

Battlefield 3 Endgame will be the fifth DLC expansion and is said to add fast moving vehicles like motorcycles to the Battlefield mix (after looking at the promotional image, we can see why someone would assume that). Expect more information on End Game when we get closer to it's March 2013 release.

That's it... for now.

Are you playing the crap out of Karkand or Close Quarters? Tell us what you like or dislike and what you want to see in the next updates. Sound off in the comments below.

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