Battle of the GTAs

We've rated the clones - now let's see how the originals stack up against each other

The town: London more or less as it was in the '60s, jam-packed with hipsters, mods, intimidatingly psychotic gangsters and not-so-veiled references to campy spy spoofs.

The music: An extremely listenable medley of 1960s Britpop, Herb Alpert-inspired horn riffs and bombastic tunes designed to stir patriotism in the English. Again, they're all tied to whatever car you're currently driving.

The violence: Still cartoony, but now extremely British.

Why it's the best: No other game lets you start a gunfight with sharp-dressed, scooter-riding Mods in front of Buckingham Palace while close approximations of 1969's hottest pop ditties scream in your ears.

Why it isn't: It's the original GTA with '60s attitude and Cockney swagger instead of urban blight. Pass.

Does it hold up? As much as we love the Carnaby Street style, this one's better left in the past. We'd love to see a current-gen update, though.


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