Battle of the Bands Video mashup

Not since William Shatner’s spectacular rendition of Elton John’s Rocketman, has popular music been so finely covered than in THQ’s Battle of the Bands. Taking the better parts of ill-fated waggle-fest Boogie and combining them with the scrolling-note stylings of Guitar Hero, Bands features 30 of yesterday’s hits and today’s favorites recorded in 5 different styles - latin, marching band, hip hop, country, and rock - in epic two-player mix-offs, of which you can read about in our detailed first look.

To demonstrate, we sampled two hits - Electric Six’s screechy Danger! High Voltage and the Gorillaz’ funkalicious Feel Good Inc. - in all five styles. This once and for all proves that yes, everything sounds amazing when covered by a mariachi band.

Mar 20, 2008


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