Back to the Future trailer feels like the start of the fourth movie. Enough said

Flux capacitor? Check. Goosebumps? Check.

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Okay, maybe not enough. I do get paid to do this, after all.

Basically, the first trailer for Telltale%26rsquo;s Back to the Future adventure game series has hit, and it%26rsquo;s a stunner. It%26rsquo;s not just the uber-authentic voice acting, by Christopher Lloyd and a Marty McFly sound-a-like so accurate that Michael J. Fox might as well sign over the rights to his own identity. It%26rsquo;s not just the opening plot details, which could have been lifted straight out of the original trilogy. As much as all that, in fact probably moreso, it%26rsquo;s the way the tight pacing and brilliantly authentic use of the original soundtrack's cues immediately make this feel like a 100% genuine piece of the trilogy.

Goosebumps, anyone?

So, it%26rsquo;s six months after the original trilogy. Marty is trying to stop the Doc%26rsquo;s life%26rsquo;s work being yoinked by the bailiffs and ol%26rsquo; crazy-eyes himself is in the slammer (possibly still in the old west) andin need of rescue. Straight away, the relationship between the two is re-established, and thepersonal dynamic is spot-on. Good Lord, I%26rsquo;ve missed these guys.

Interesting that the DeLorean makes such a rapid appearance too. Obviously a BttF game without The Coolest Car In Cinema History (barring ECTO-1, of course) would be no BttF game at all, but following its destruction at the end of Part III, I%26rsquo;ll be very interested to see how the Doc has brought it back. I%26rsquo;m hoping for some ludicrously convoluted and imaginative but totally-logical-when-you-think-about-it multi-stacked timeline malarkey, as is BttF%26rsquo;s calling card. And I can%26rsquo;t wait to see how it pans out. The train has to be involved somewhere along the line though, surely.

Now if you%26rsquo;ll excuse me, I%26rsquo;ll be absent-mindedly humming the Back to the Future theme tune for the rest of the day, no doubt with a happy tear in my eye. Feel free to occupy yourselves by watching this the last of these behind the scenes videos while doing similar.


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