Atlantis: New Animated Gifs Reveal Snippets Of Footage

The show stars Robert Emms ( War Horse , Kick-Ass 2 ) as Pythagoras, Jack Donnelly (the white rabbit in Misfits ) as Jason, Mark Addy (King Robert in Game Of Thrones ) as Hercules, Jemima Rooper ( Hex , Lost In Austen , A Sound Of Thunder ) as Medusa, Aiysha Hart as Ariadne, Sarah Parrish (The Empress of the Racnoss in Doctor Who ) as Pasiphae and Juliet Stephenson ( Truly, Madly, Deeply ) as The Oracle (poor oracles… they never get real names).

Atlantis , from the production team behind Merlin and developed for television by Howard Overman (creator of Misfits and the far-too-under-appreciated Dirk Gently TV series) will start airing on BBC One early this autumn.