Art exhibition Super iam8bit makes modern art out of retro game love

One of the most boring conversations in gaming currently pertains to whether or not games are art. We'll finish that tired exchange right now: yes, so shut the hell up about it. What's far more interesting is gaming inspiring art, which has been happening for years with the brilliant art series iam8bit. Now the pop art collective is premiering a whole new exhibition next week with SUPER iam8bit, and we've got an exclusive preview of the amazing art and accompanying book right here.

The show starts August 11 in Los Angeles, CA, and if you're lucky enough to live in the area you should check it out (the details are on the lovely flier below).

For those that don't live in the area or do but are annoyed they can't afford to buy the original art on show, that's where the SUPER iam8bit book comes in. On sale the same night, this spiffy tome collects all the pieces at the show plus other classics from the series, and should you miss the event, the book will get a wide release a little later this year.

Anyway, enough with the words. Why not let the art speak for itself?

Read on to get a sneak peek at the SUPER iam8bit book...