APB Reloaded's Fight Club update follows game's debut at retailers

Reloaded Productions has just launched the biggest update yet for free-play cops-and-robbers action MMO, APB Reloaded. The Fight Club update marks the game's graduation from beta to store shelves, with the boxed edition set to go out tomorrow (Dec 9). Here's a kickass recent trailer to celebrate, featuring game footage and live-action gunfights starring YouTube celebrities Tobuscus, SeaNanners, Katers17 and the SMP Films crew.

APB has come a long way since running down crackheads and scarfing donuts in its 1987 namesake: after a troubled false-start under original developer Realtime Worlds, the relaunched title has been building steam under open beta since earlier this year. Now publisher GamersFirst is ready to push the game onto store shelves. The retail version has an RRP of $29.95, and includes bonus content in the form of free in-game credit, a month's experience-boosting Premium access, the Cisco Z180 AWD vehicle and Magnum ACT-44 sidearm.

APB Reloaded's Fight Club update aims to keep the game's focus on the fast-action team-play that Reloaded Productions is making the game's signature. The mode boils the game's open-world action down into smaller zones across the city, which play host to territorial battles focused on team-play and tight squad tactics. Reloaded Productions aims to expand this mode with weekly challenges and an ever-expanding roster of game modes to augment APB's sandbox driving and gunplay action. For updates straight from the team themselves, head to the development blog.


  • Elementium - December 8, 2011 9:48 p.m.

    terrible? It was worth the Free-To-Play title during beta.. Hell the character customization alone is THE best out there atleast. That includes Saints Row, Skyrim and any other game. Gameplay is pretty simple stuff, you vs the other guys in shoot outs and objective based missions. earn money for new clothes, weapons, perk type things. Actually until GW2 I'd say it'll hold it's own in the F2P market.
  • Robx - December 9, 2011 2:26 a.m.

    the game really is terrible, in terms of being poorly designed, but it is addicting because it is fun. The customization that was meant to be their strongest suit lacks though, you pretty much have only 5 tops you can paint your own way, but no matter how much you color and sticker it, you will always look like the others, and there are only 4 usable hairstyles because the other 26 look plain awkward. And if you want your car to look neat, you'll have to pay $15 for a bodykit, which, are also limited to like 2-3 options that everyone else has too. Saints Row 2 does beats APB in character customization, by far, but The Third, not really, yet it still has a bigger variety on clothing. don't get me wrong, I am a full R195 Gold Enforcer, so I know what I am talking about, the gameplay is fun although quite broken, and the customization simply lacks variety.
  • EHyundai - December 8, 2011 8:02 p.m.

    this game is horrible.

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