Available on: PC, Xbox 360

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Alan Wake Easter Eggs

  • Xbox 360 Easter Egg

    Entry location: When you're told to go back to your room by the doctor.
    When I first found the Xbox 360, I was like "Ahh wow, that's awesome!".

    To find the Xbox 360 (along with a copy of a game "Night Springs") all you have to do is walk in the room opposite from you when you're told to go back to your room to start typing (NOTE: This is BEFORE the Anderson brothers start up the riot).
    Just enter the room and there it is, just standing there along with a copy of the hit TV series in Alan Wake "Night Springs".
    Submitted by STORMRISER

Alan Wake Unlockables

  • The Writer DLC Achievements

    Creative Space (25): Discover the secret area.

    Ding! (5): Complete the elevator ride.

    Go Gentle Into That Good Light (25): Make it through the approach to the lighthouse without firing a weapon.

    Heartbreaker (20): Special 2: Have some poison poured in your ear.

    Iron Will (25): Survive the final encounter without being seriously hurt.

    Kill Your Darlings (50): Defeat the final obstacle between you and your goal.

    Licensed Properties (30): Discover 10 Night Springs video games.

    No Punctuation (50): Complete the episode without reloading the game or restarting a checkpoint.

    Whirlwind (20): Make your way past the tornado in under 60 seconds.
    Submitted by CheatPlanet

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