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Air Combat Cheats

  • Entering cheat mode

    While the bird is displayed before the NOW LOAING screen appears press R1 + Circle
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  • Get 999,999,000 credits

    After entering cheat mode press Down, Circle, Triangle(3), Circle, Triangle, Circle, Triangle, Circle + Triangle, then press and hold Circle + Triangle again at the bouncing CD screen. Begin the game and enter the fighter selection screen. You will have 999,999,000 credits!
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  • Hidden mini-game

    After entering cheat mode press Up, Left, Down, Right. Begin game play, then return to the title screen. A mini-game lasting approximately six seconds will begin while the main game loads again. The Ace Combat icon can be controlled with Left or L2, and Circle or R2. Press R1 to switch between three control options. Destroy as many of the ships and missiles as possible before the small bird walks from the left to right side of the screen.
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  • Change plane's color

    Enter cheat mode and press Up, Down, Left, Right, Up, Down, Left, Right, then hold R1 at the bouncing CD screen. For two player mode, replace the controller actions with Left, Right, Left, Right, Down, Up, Down, Up, Circle(2), Triangle(2), then press and hold Triangle again.
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  • Change wingman plane's color

    Enter cheat mode and press R1 + Start(10).
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  • Extra fighters

    Complete the game under the easy difficulty level. Allow the credits to complete after the Boss is defeated. The phrase "Extra 10" will appear on the top right corner of the title screen after it reappears. Use the plane select option to access the extra fighters.
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  • Skip mission overview (Japanese version)

    Press Triangle + Start.
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  • Remove captions (Japanese version)

    Pause game play, press L1 or R1, and resume the game. The Japanese text on the right side of the screen will disappear.
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  • Unlimited planes

    Complete the game on a normal difficulty setting.
    Submitted by sam scott

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