Activision to PS3 Rock Band players: Screw you

One more reason to buy the 360 version instead

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Dec 12, 2007

In a perfect example of bullshit at its finest, Activision has blocked the release of a compatibility patch for Rock Band PS3. The promised patch would have allowed guitar compatibility and support for third party peripherals on Rock Band, includingActivision%26rsquo;s Guitar Hero III controller. Harmonix submitted this patch nearly two weeks ago and had it approved by Sony for a December 4 release.

However, Activision gave PS3 players and Harmonix the proverbial finger by objecting to the patch. The reasons for this aren%26rsquo;t readily apparent (other than Activision being an ass hat), but Sony still has the patch in their keeping - and there it will stay until something changes.A boycott of Guitar Hero III perhaps?

Happy holidays to you too, Activision.

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