• SpadesSlick - May 24, 2013 12:42 p.m.

    Too many people are focusing on motion bullshit. The biometric feedback is where it can benefit the normal gamer. That has the potential to be ridiculously awesome if used right.
  • BladedFalcon - May 24, 2013 1:49 p.m.

    "if" being the keyword here. I do not argue that biometric feedback definitely has the potential to enhance gaming, but I also don't hold much hope for developers getting it right, at least, not the first time. And it also remains to be seen if the tech as it stands now on the Kinect 2.0 or in general is precise enough to work properly. I mean, almost 8 years later, and regardless of what you think about motion controls, it's clear that they STILL haven't perfected the technology, so I have my doubts that the biometric detection tech right now will work as it's supposed to.
  • Redeater - May 24, 2013 2:24 p.m.

    Someone listened to a recent episode of RR. :P Gotta admit, I was astonished to find myself agreeing with them.
  • ObliqueZombie - May 24, 2013 12:32 p.m.

    You are positively daft if you think this will save the system.
  • mikehoncho - May 24, 2013 1:59 p.m.

    you're retarded
  • Redeater - May 24, 2013 2:29 p.m.

    Troubled company? Sony has their problems but you do realize that anywhere that isn't North America the PS is dominating the 360 right? If you are only focusing on 'Murica then mikehoncho is're retarded.
  • bebl09 - May 24, 2013 7:52 p.m.

    1 - How has Sony lost the battle? Wtf are you on about? How has the PS3 'failed'? 2 - "To condemn the Xbox before it has even had a chance is moronic." And yet you're doing the exact same thing to the PS4, obviously you're a moron. 3 - Who gives a shit what the console looks like? According to the revealed specs the PS4 is more powerful than the One, so it could look like a penis for all I care, I'll be playing better games on it than on the One. 4 - Controller is all a matter of preference. 5 - Yeah cause PSN gets hacked literally every day. I have to keep ordering new bank cards and have run up $35236 of debt because people stole my credit card details. 6 - If you've been gaming for 32 years and think nothing compares to Xbox, you're an absolute moron. Not that that wasn't already obvious.
  • sxh967 - May 24, 2013 12:29 p.m.

    While I understand that are benefits to using Kinect in games if developers can and choose to make use of it, the privacy concerns that come with having such a device powered on and monitoring me all the time far outweigh any benefit. For that reason, I will not be buying an Xbox One regardless of what games they show at E3. They have already blown it with the whole you have to have Kinect and you have to have it plugged it and running all the time. I'm not agreeing to that and I will not buy one.
  • sxh967 - May 24, 2013 12:51 p.m.

    The old kinect was also an optional purchase and yet now it isn't optional anymore. Just because the old Kinect did something doesn't mean the new one will. If I'm going to make assumptions I think I will err on the side of Microsoft trying to be more cheeky this time round as opposed to being less cheeky. I don't believe that my concerns are without validity. Besides, it isn't a misinformed conspiracy theory. Rather it is reasonable speculation and worry based on what Microsoft has and hadn't told us (surely you have to be suspicious when they dodge very important issues surrounding these things). Also my statement on how it works is not off base. Microsoft has already said that it is mandatory and must be switched on all the time for the Xbox One to function. That's Microsoft saying it not me. It's your choice to make what you will of Microsoft's reveal and their statements so far, but for me it doesn't look like I'll be buying one at launch (if ever).
  • mikehoncho - May 24, 2013 2 p.m.

    I repeat, you're retarded
  • SnakeinmyBoot - May 25, 2013 6:25 a.m.

    The thing is companies around the world have done everything immoral from sell customer info without their permission to forcing foreclosure on someone's home even though the have made more than minimum always on time payments, all in the name of more money. Microsoft might not do this themselves, although what if a hacker or MS employee finds an exploit that lets them bypass that security. MS is known for releasing products that have a lot of security holes found in them. They usually get plugged up, then new holes are found. Conspiracy theories are one thing, but we now live in a world were everything is connected and corporations might care about privacy but make blunders. Sony let credit card info leak out and AOL accidentally released DETAILED search history of their users with ONE click. I don't like my card # being saved on a company sever on the off chance I have to deal with ID theft, so I don't let them save it. Hypothetically, you might one day have the police asking you about "putting someone down" all because you were talking about your old, authritic dog while an overly anxious vigilante member of anonymous watched your private conversation from a kinect, webcam, or smart phone they hacked. sxh967 and others just want less avenues for their private information to be revealed. And, it is getting harder with more and more always connected, wifi enabled, built in webcam, toaster ovens these corporations insist the average user must have.
  • sxh967 - May 24, 2013 12:15 p.m.

    Technically if the head tracking is THAT good, couldn't they do augmented reality? If they know exactly where your head is in relation to the screen, can't they alter the image on the screen to make it LOOK 3D without actually being 3D? This probably wouldn't work for any more than one person but surely it would at least work on a solo level. There are SO many amazing things that could be done with Kinect, but I just get the feeling that Microsoft has brought in with ulterior motives (i.e. selling private data about our everyday activities on to third parties recorded and analysed via Kinect) and that we will not see any meaningful use in games for a while.
  • Redeater - May 24, 2013 12:10 p.m.

    Assuming your average xbox gamer has ten feet of free space in front of their TV (which most don't) and assuming this will live up to all these new Kinect promises (which the first one wasn't even close).........then yes, yes this will save the Xbox. My favorite consoles for the last 2 generations have been Xbox and I'm looking forward to switching over to the PS4 which is a shame since I love the One controller and really despise the touch pad on the PS4 controller. Regardless, I have a very fast, very powerful PC hooked up to my TV.......MS seems convinced that I need an inferior way to browse media since my TV and PC already do it better than a console that hasn't even been released yet.
  • Swedish_Chef - May 24, 2013 11:46 a.m.

    Why does this things appearance remind me so much of HAL 9000?
  • LBD_Nytetrayn - May 24, 2013 11:38 a.m.

    I don't think it's the quality of the new Kinect anyone has a problem with (some carried-over skepticism from the first notwithstanding), but what they're doing with it. That it MUST be plugged in, that it MUST be on, and so forth. Some people (myself included) have pondered turning it towards the wall or covering the camera as a solution, though I'm worried that won't work-- that it will have to see you in order for the machine to operate.
  • chavbuster1 - May 24, 2013 11:38 a.m.

    Ok GR, how much is Microsoft paying you? xD Please, just read these and reconsider the innocet the Kinect realy is: Pure evil.
  • shawksta - May 24, 2013 11:35 a.m.

    It's not really redeeming but I am curious to see it in real great action. Dance Central, no doubt was the best shit ever created and meant for Kinect that PSmove and Wii should've just ditched the dancing games. Gunslinger was great, and Kinect 2.0 has better potential but nobody really has made the BEST potential out of the original so it's hard to really say. Either way though I wish it good luck though in my opinion, nothing will best the 10/10 feel of Metroid Prime 3/Trilogy's motion shooter controls.
  • agentkuo - May 24, 2013 11:25 a.m.

    Lol, no...not in any way does this even come close to redeeming anything about the XBox One.

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