• BladedFalcon - April 26, 2011 1:06 a.m.

    Yeah, I love the MGS series, but these 5 complaints are pretty damn valid. I don't mind the cut-scenes at all though, but the fact that Peace Walker was exclusive to the PSP did rub me the wrong way, hard.
  • FVDub - April 26, 2011 1:02 a.m.

    *cough*gameplay stuck in 1998*cough* Sorry MGS fans.
  • D0CCON - April 26, 2011 12:54 a.m.

    These are actually the reasons keeping me away from the series. I play games to, you know, play them. Not watch them. And the story, the sad mess of a story that would make it pretty much impossible to jump into MGS even if I wanted to.
  • RebornKusabi - April 26, 2011 12:50 a.m.

    I fucking love this series, to death, but every SINGLE reason given is crap I hate about this series. Ironic, when you think about it, but like a re***ded child you gave birth to that doesn't know any better, I still persist with my love of the series.
  • usedforglue - April 26, 2011 12:45 a.m.

    Good stuff. I'm a diehard MGS fan, but these things are so true. However, hating Raiden does seem like the cool thing to do these days. I mean, he wasn't that bad... Right? or was he?
  • phoenix_wings - April 26, 2011 12:45 a.m.

    I thought the controls for Peacewalker were just...ridiculous. A favourite line from MGS4 *PMC soldier walks up to body on the ground, not moving.* "...YOU HIT?!"
  • Phazon117 - April 26, 2011 12:43 a.m.

    Fantastic article.
  • blakebeauchamp - April 26, 2011 12:39 a.m.

    BUT... BUT... yeah you're right.

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