Zombies and musical numbers for Edgar Wrights The Worlds End?

Expectations are understandably high regarding The World’s End , Edgar Wright’s concluding part of the Blood And Ice Cream trilogy. However, we’re not sure how many of those expectations concerned the prospect of dancing zombies…

The rumour mill has clanked into action this weekend, after actor Thomas Matthews tweeted about his involvement with the film, and the existence of a potential dance routine…

“1st day filming The World's End ,” reads the tweet. “Suitably heading for Zone 8....Have no idea what I'll be asked to do but everyone else learning dance routine. Exciting.”

That’s the dancing accounted for then, but what of the zombies? Over to Twitter once more, and actress Courtney Cornfield.

“Just had a wardrobe fitting for The World's End #dancingzombie #simonpegg” read her first tweet, before a string of others developed her theme. “Just waiting to hear where and what time this zombie is required on set...All geared up to be a dancing zombie. Filming the World's End this week #cornetto”

Sounds like there will be dancing zombies then, doesn’t it? Perhaps the film will tie in with the events of Shaun Of The Dead ? Or will these be a whole new breed of shamblers?

Co-starring Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, Paddy Considine and Rosamund Pike, The World’s End will open in the UK on 14 August 2013.

George Wales

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