Zombie Shopping Mall Experience

Any sci-fi fan worth their space-salt knows (in intimate detail) their survival plan for the inevitable zombie apocalypse. Team SFX has a plan to raid the local Sainsbury’s and board themselves in SFX towers with the rest of Future’s marketing department. That way, when we do run out of food there’ll be plenty of people to eat (hey, needs must). Plus, we won’t be trained in the art of zombie killing at that stage, so we don’t want to be running the streets of Bath with nothing but a pile of magazines and plush dragons for protection.

But wait! Because now you can participate in the perfect training exercise for the day the dead walk the earth via this, frankly awesome, Abandoned Shopping Mall Zombie Battle . There’s also a supercar driving experience and Bungee Jumping Days available, but they’re probably not quite as useful for slaughtering the undead. Whether it’s a zombie bootcamp in Milton Keynes (complete with sniper training), a zombie battle in an abandoned manor house (a two-hour rescue mission), or, best of all a fight for survival in an abandoned shopping mall Dawn Of The Dead style – this is a unique opportunity to live out a real-life Romero fantasy.

We featured these experiences in our regular Friday Spurious Awards a few weeks back but it’s something no self-confessed zombie fan should miss out on (though something the Kinemortophobes among you should probably skip), and with tickets available for only a limited time don’t blame us if you miss out!