Zelda NES gets a new "souped-up" version for Switch, should Nintendo make more?

The Nintendo Switch Online Service's library of NES games got a little weirder today with the addition of The Legend of Zelda: Living the life of luxury. Yes, that's the actual title for a new version of the seminal action adventure game, one which exists as its own standalone entry in the list of NES games alongside regular The Legend of Zelda. This one's extra luxurious because Nintendo's taken the liberty of loading you up with tons of items and rupees, as well as revealing all of the game's many secret areas and shortcuts right from the get go.

It isn't exactly "easy mode" because all of the enemies will still hit you just as hard, and it isn't a shortcut straight through the game because you'll still have to find the dungeon-specific items that you need to reach the final battle with Ganon. It's more like a "let me play the game with all the cool stuff without having to bomb every wall and bush to find it first" mode.

Diehard Zelda fans may see the indiscriminate meting out of all the original game's secret rewards as sacrilegious, but hey, the original version is right there on Switch too. For everybody who wants to play Zelda but would probably spend half their time looking at a guide because they just don't have the time or patience to work all the riddles and mysteries out on their own, this is a novel alternative. Especially because Game Genie isn't a thing any more.

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Plus, it makes such a lovely noise when you open up the new selection of games for the first time (Zelda: Ltlol arrives alongside Solomon's Key, NES Open Tournament Golf, and Super Dodgeball).

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