Your first look at Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light box art and pre-order goodies

By now it should go without saying that The 4 Heroes of Light has to be the most ADORABLE Final Fantasy ever made! D’awww lookadum…

Above: So precious!

Well, today Square just sent us the final boxart, along with some other free goodies early purchaserscan get with the game. Here’s a look at the DS packaging everyone will receive:

Additionally, inside every game during the first manufacturing run, players will also find a Limited Edition Poster which kicks the crap out of the half-assed Photoshop job I created above:

If that weren’t enough, 4 Heroes of Light will also offer exclusive pre-order incentives. Folks whopre-order the game from Amazonwill receive a $10 gift card good toward future game purchases, and people who do the same atGameStopwill receive an additional Special Editionposter:

What will it be, Final Fantasy fans: Ten bucks game cash or a dragon ridin’ poster? Either way, the game goes on sale October 5th in the US and we’ve linked you to both retailers above. Choose wisely...

Aug 25, 2010