You'll never be this good at games

Nov 23, 2007

It's sad to think, but there simply are some people out there who put your own gaming skills to shame. They're impossibly good, unthinkably quick and mindbogglingly crafty.

Fortunately, thanks to the wonders of the Internet, we can at least enjoy their high-skills thrills vicariously. So here's 10 of the world's greatest gamers, all displaying the sort of abilities that make us weep at our inadequacy. Enjoy!

The greatest Street Fighter comeback ever

Non-Street Fighter obsessives might watch this clip, filmed at a SF tournament, and wonder what the crowd is so worked up about. So here's a quick explanation: The player fighting as Ken is at rock bottom, with almost zero health, when Chun Li launches a 15-hit super combo.

Watch the 'parry' move that Ken makes - every single parry is a move in itself, requiring superb timing, but Ken makes 15 of the things in perfect succession, topped off with a uber-difficult mid-air parry before following up all this hard work with his own ridiculouslydemanding super combo to win the match, the tournament and the adoration of a horde of baying onlookers.

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