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You'll never be this fast at games

Jan 11, 2007

Sure you can finish Resident Evil without saving, complete Halo 3 without dying and fight your way to the end of the Iron Fist tournament with all your continues intact. But can you do it in the time it takes to boil a kettle? Didn’t think so.

But there are gamers out who play so fast it makes our eyes bleed. Lucky for us - and you - they also like filming themselves doing it. So here are 10 of the best. All of which will make you feel like a snail.

Portal | Chamber 18 | 52secs
Quite easily the hardest chamber in the whole brain-melting experience, Chamber 18 takes even the most lateral-minded players a while to master.

We’d like to say that after watching this we could attempt do it faster. But to be honest it’s so speedy that by the time we’ve worked out whether he’s walking, falling or flying through the air it’s all over and our tiny brain is utterly befuddled by what just happened.