You can play an interactive Elder Scrolls Online game on Twitter

Elder Scrolls Online
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An Elder Scrolls Online game on Twitter lets you choose your own adventure.

Bethesda Australia/New Zealand has posted an interactive game to its Twitter account which allows you to take part in a series of Elder Scrolls Online-inspired quests in the form of tweets.  

The start of the quest line has you standing before Markarth, the City of Stone, before you choose your first step. Each quest will give you three options to choose in the Twitter thread, with each one resulting in a different path. Certain paths you select will result in your journey ending sooner than expected - running into a vampire, for example, will mean the end of the road - but you can always try again.

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Another quest will find inside a cave with a man in armor who is struggling to open a small chest. You can choose to help him unlock the chest or carry on moving through the cave, but while one choice will allow you to carry on with your adventure, players intent on helping everyone they find in their RPGs could meet an untimely end.

The interactive quest line was posted for a chance of winning Elder Scrolls Online prize packs. Reaching the end of the story will allow you to enter the prize draw for a digital reward. The Elder Scrolls Online is also free for the week, ending December 9.

The game seems to also be in celebration of the release of The Elder Scrolls Online's new Markarth DLC, which recently introduced new story quests. Markarth's story centers around your character heading to the Reach with your allies to take on a vampire lord and their army.

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