You can download the free Dragon Quest XI S demo on Switch right now

(Image credit: Nintendo)

There's a rather lengthy demo for the Switch port of Dragon Quest 11, and you can download it for free right now via the North American, European, or Japanese eShop, Nintendo announced at Gamescom. Dragon Quest XI S is an enhanced port with a bevy of updates and new features exclusively for Nintendo Switch. Any progress you make in the demo version can be transferred to the full version when it releases on September 27.

Nintendo is calling Dragon Quest XI the "Definitive Edition," which makes sense considering everything it adds to the original. "The definitive version features the same sprawling content of the original Dragon Quest XI game, but with newly added character-specific stories, fully orchestrated field and battle music, side-quests to journey into past Dragon Quest worlds, and the ability to alternate not only between HD and retro-inspired 16-bit visuals, but also Japanese and English voice track."

Dragon Quest 11 is a big, lengthy game, which means you should plan on making some room in your Switch's storage for the demo, which weighs in at about 4.7GB. According to the Gamescom demonstration, the demo affords players about 10 hours of gameplay "if you want to complete everything," which is considerable for a demo. It should be noted that the 2D, 16-bit version of Dragon Quest 11, which is a feature available in the full game, is not available with the demo.

As if we didn't have enough reason to immediately grab our Switches and download this demo, Nintendo has also announced that by downloading and playing the Dragon Quest 11 demo on Switch, you'll unlock the adorable Tockles spirits in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

We included Dragon Quest XI S in our list of the most exciting games coming to Switch in 2019 and beyond. 

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