Yoko Taro lost his iconic Nier mask and somehow found a more cursed replacement

Nier Automata director Yoko Taro
(Image credit: Square Enix)

Nier Automata's Yoko Taro lost his iconic mask in Los Angeles, leading him to replace it with a truly cursed choice.

The last weekend saw 2023's Anime Expo take place in LA, and Nier Automata director Yoko Taro was there to take part in a panel. Taro would usually don his now-iconic mask of Nier series character Emil for such a public appearance, but according to the panel attendee just below, he managed to lose the mask while out drinking around LA.

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Hey, losing an obnoxiously large mask happens to the best of us, and Taro was forced to adapt on the fly. What he picked out was something genuinely awful though - a mask of what looks to be a stereotypical Irish leprechaun from a costume store in LA.

Apparently, the entire feat was accompanied by a slideshow of Taro's escapades around LA, which probably would've been put together real sharpish by the panel. Everyone on that panel is having a decidedly "normal one," as the kids would say, with the obvious exception of Taro, as always.

Does this mean that somewhere in LA there's someone with a gigantic mask of Emil cutting about? It's entirely possible.

Aside from directing Nier Automata, Taro also has an active hand in its anime adaptation, which was the first to postpone its ongoing run earlier this year due to COVID-19. Good news, though - the Nier Automata anime will resume broadcasting later this month in July, showcasing the last four episodes. 

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