Yarny's world isn't all sweetness and light in this new Unravel gameplay

It might look adorable and d'awww, look at his wee knitted legs, but Yarny's quest in Unravel isn't going to be easy. Out next month on February 9th, the puzzle platformer will be testing our mind muscles to the limit with a series of testing stringy scenarios.

Creator Martin Sahlin explains all in the video below as Yarny takes on weather, wildlife and water all whilst running out of string. Our preview explains why this is far more that just a cute platformer but it's worth noting here that from what I played, it's pleasantly tricksy. Sahlin told me at Gamescom last year (yes, when I actually met the original Yarny) that the team really wanted to challenge players but not too much.

"At Coldwood we like making difficult things," he explained. "We like the challenge but on the other hand when you are doing something like this it’s really important to make sure that the game and the gameplay don’t say different things. A large part of what we do is to create empathy with the character and make you really want to finish this quest."

"That means you can’t really go too far because if we start getting the feeling of frustration rather than the feeling of concern then we’ve sort of gone overboard," Sahlin continued. "So that’s not what we want. What we tried to do instead was sometimes we introduce these optional puzzles that might be more difficult. We don’t want players to just give up. We want them to struggle but we want them to make it through." Check out the new gameplay of Yarny adorably 'struggling' above.

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