Xenoblade Chronicles 3D trailer sees the future, battles spiders

A healthy dollop of mysterious story, a zesty garnish of British voiceover work, and a meaty main course of MMO-esque combat - this Xenoblade Chronicles 3D trailer is like an abbreviated version of the game itself. Except you can't play it. Because it's a trailer.

The roughly three-and-a-half-minute video titled "Heir to the Monado" follows Shulk and Reyn as they set off on one of their early adventures, finding themselves deep in a spider-infested cave. Shulk trips out for a bit on a chilling vision of the future and discovers a protective new use for his mysteriously powerful Monado Blade, saving Reyn's life as he does. You know, typical cave stuff.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3D will be the very first New 3DS-exclusive game when it releases on April 2 in Europe and April 10 in North America, making use of the improved system's revved-up processing power and new input options (including amiibo support for the Shulk figurine)

If you don't want to get a New 3DS but like what you've seen of the game so far, you could always try to track down a copy of the Wii version.

Connor Sheridan

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