Xbox Series X pre-orders are sold out in Australia, but Telstra still has some

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Xbox Series X pre-orders in Australia sold out extremely quickly on Tuesday, which means you had to be super lucky to secure one. While some retailers are taking pre-orders for shipping in 2021, that's a long time to wait if you're a dyed in the wool early adopter. If you simply must have it this year, there are a couple of options: you could pay through the nose for a scalper's pre-order on Ebay (don't do that) or if you're already a Telstra customer, you could sign up for the telco's Xbox All Access subscription service.

It's also not a bad option if you can't afford to lay down AU$749 in one go. There's no up front fees, so if you happen to be a Telstra post-paid mobile or broadband user, you can get an Xbox Series X for AU$46 a month across 24 months, with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate bundled in. If you'd prefer the Xbox Series S, that's AU$33 a month (again, across 24 months).

Pre-order Xbox Series X via Xbox All Access right now

Pre-order Xbox Series X via Xbox All Access right now

Australians can get an Xbox Series X at launch for AU$46 per month or an Xbox Series S for  AU$33 per month on a 24-month plan via Xbox All Access, with no upfront payments. Once the 24-month period is up, the console is yours outright, but do note that you'll need to be a Telstra post-paid mobile or broadband customer to sign up.

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