Xbox One update lets you move pins, hide games, and more

A new update is rolling out to Xbox One systems starting today, and though it isn't the dramatic overhaul that the November update was it nonetheless brings some much-appreciated tweaks and additions. There's quite a few, so take a deep breath and I'll give you the highlights.

There is now a "use a code" shortcut on the Xbox One Store tab, so redeeming codes won't take quite so much navigation. Pins can now be re-arranged without the aid of the SmartGlass app, so you can get your favorite games and apps in the exact order you like. Games and apps can be hidden from your install list, so if there's a beta or game you just don't want to be reminded of, you can pretend as though it never happened and move on with your hotter, sexier games.

There's also a Gamerscore Leaderboard under your profile, which tracks your total Gamerscore in relation to your friends, as well as who among you has gained the most points over the past 30 days. Lastly, the Avatar Store has been given a visual overhaul and will now let you try items on in real-time before you buy them. If only real life had spaces where you could try on shirt demos!

The update will automatically download to your Xbox One over the next few days, provided your console is set to "Instant On." If you want to experience the shiny new features before that, just head to your settings and manually download it from there.

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Sam Prell

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