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Xbox One gets remote play of its own with Windows 10 streaming

Xbox One will soon lose its sorry designation as the one new-gen console that doesn't let you keep playing while you go to the bathroom. Microsoft announced on Wednesday that all Windows 10 devices will be able to stream Xbox One gameplay from across a local network - and before you start setting up a laptop stand in front of your toilet, that includes tablets.

This means users can set up with their preferred Windows 10 device and a controller to play Xbox One wherever their local network reaches, rather than being stuck in front of the TV. Windows 10 will also head to Xbox One in a more native format, meaning it will be easier for developers to bring their Windows applications to the platform.

The fusion doesn't end there: Microsoft plans to allow for cross-platform multiplayer between PC and Xbox One on upcoming titles - as demonstrated with Fable Legends. Which means, yes, Fable Legends is coming to PC as well as Xbox, complete with Microsoft's brand-spankin' new DirectX 12 API. Lionhead is building both versions of the game.

Microsoft said we can expect more details on its plans for Xbox One and gaming on Windows 10 at GDC in March.

Connor Sheridan
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