Xbox November update brings color filters, audio tweaks, and accessibility tags

Xbox Series X
(Image credit: Xbox )

Accessibility features lead the Xbox November update, which is rolling out alongside the official console-wide launch of Xbox Cloud gaming. 

Xbox Cloud gaming has been trialed in various forms of early access, and as Xbox announced (opens in new tab) today, it's now available in 25 regions (with Brazil "coming soon" according to vice president and head of product Catherine Gluckstein) on Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S through Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. This update comes just three weeks after early Xbox Insider testing for a feature that lets Xbox One users play new-gen games

The actual system update (opens in new tab) is headlined by improved color filters designed to help users with color blindness or color vision deficiencies, as well as the accessibility store tags announced at a recent showcase. These enable developers to denote if their games offer features like adjustable difficulty, color options, and remappable controls. The Microsoft Store currently supports 20 accessibility tags, with over 325 games already using them. 

This month's update also makes some adjustments to the Game Pass sign-up and audio control menus, with the former more clearly differentiating subscription tiers and the latter emphasizing "relevant settings." Xbox controllers got a bit of love, too, particularly older models. The latest controller firmware brings pre-Xbox Series X | S controllers up to speed with the new ones, delivering "better cross-device connectivity and reduced latency," according to principal program manager Jonathan Hildebrandt. 

Xbox is now working with TV manufacturers to bake cloud gaming right into your screen.

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