Xbox Live offers rewards for Gamerscore

Xbox Live Gamerscore is no longer just a measure of hours and effort ceded to the glowing green ring. With Xbox Live Rewards MyAchievements, it's now also a modest customer loyalty program for dedicated players.

The MyAchievements program turns Gamerscore, unlocked through earning achievements in Xbox 360, Games for Windows, or Windows Phone games, into a tiered rewards system. Users must have active Xbox Live Gold memberships and sign up with Xbox Live Rewards to participate in the program.

Those with more than 3,000 points are dubbed Contenders and awarded a gift (with an approximate retail value of $0.25) upon the month of their birth. Champions, who stack up 10,000 or more Gamerscore, are also entitled to a 1 percent rebate on all their Xbox Live Marketplace purchases every month. Those whispered of as Legends stand proud (and probably a little woozy) atop 25,000 or more Gamerscore, and get a 2 percent monthly rebate on all Marketplace transactions.

MyAchievements joins Xbox Live Rewards' other promotional efforts, including Microsoft points in exchange for taking surveys or subscribing to partner programs like Netflix.

Connor Sheridan

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