Xbox is roasting itself on TikTok, come watch


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Xbox now has an official TikTok account as of yesterday, and its first post was a collection of Xbox Series X memes, while its second post gave us a closer look at the Xbox Series S. Check out Xbox's TikTok content above.

It looks like the official Xbox TikTok account will be as tongue-in-cheek as the company's social media has been in the last few months. The first video is a playful collection of memes mocking the big speaker energy the Xbox Series S gives off and the refrigerator vibes emanating from the Xbox Series X. It's also adopting the popular "like for Part 2" format that is all over TikTok at the moment (says I, fellow young person, wearing a backwards baseball cap and holding a skateboard).

The second video, however, is a closer look at the Xbox Series S. Check it out below. 


PART 2. Looks like you thought the Xbox Series S should be our first post ##xbox ##gaming ##gamer ##fyp ##foryou

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While none of the information in the TikTok is news to us (120fps, backwards compatible, all digital, cheaper than the  Xbox Series X, etc.), it is interesting to see how damn tiny that thing looks, especially in comparison to an Xbox controller. Considering how big the Xbox Series X and PS5 are, this certainly seems like a good option for those of us who have space issues. 

Who knows what else Xbox will put on their TikTok, but I'd venture a guess that it'll be a mix of memes and somewhat informative content. Will the company get ahead of Geoff Keighley and post some Xbox Series X hands-on gameplay for us TikTokers? Or will the Xbox employees say "screw it" and just do viral TikTok dances? Stay tuned.

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