Xbox console exclusive The Medium gets an extended and eerie gameplay preview

The Medium
(Image credit: Bloober Team)

Xbox console exclusive The Medium has got a brand new gameplay preview, courtesy of developer Bloober Team. 

This preview of the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S gives players a glimpse of what to expect from this spooky next-gen title and can be watched in its entirety below. 

In the footage, medium Marianne explores a haunted hotel, uncovers the story behind a number of tragic deaths, and encounters the spirit of a young girl named Sadness. We are also given a taste of the game’s soundtrack, produced by Silent Hill composer Akira Yamaoka, which is just as creepy as its visuals. 

The psychological horror game is set in both the real world and the spiritual world and requires players to navigate them both through split-screen to solve puzzles. 

In this particular sequence, Marianne is looking for a way out of an elevator after becoming trapped inside. To do this, she uses a system titled ‘out of body experience’ which allows you to just play on the spiritual world screen. Marianne then harnesses energy from the spiritual plane to help her escape in the real world, which shows how she can use her access to both realms to her advantage. 

We are also reintroduced to the freaky looking monster The Maw, who is voiced by The Last of Us’ Troy Baker. From the preview, it looks as though players must hide from this creature and there's even a mechanic for Marianne to hold her breath as to not be spotted. 

The Medium is out exclusively on Xbox Series X/S as well as PC, and after being pushed back from December 2020, is now set to release on January 28 2021. 

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