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Cyclops & Marvel Girl address the Hellfire Gala in X-Men #21 preview

X-Men #21
(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

Jonathan Hickman's run on the flagship X-Men title is coming to an end, and fittingly enough its's wrapping up in the midst of a party - the Hellfire Gala. 

"THE HEROES OF KRAKOA DEBUT!" reads Marvel's description of X-Men #21. "It's a changing if the guard as the first X-Men team of Krakoa debuts! One era ends as a new one begins, and the handoff happens here."

Check out a preview of X-Men #21 here:

And for the occasion, some of Marvel's top artists have come together to draw variant covers for the June 9 finale.

In addition to the primary cover by former X-Men series artist Leinil Francis Yu (opens in new tab), X-Men #21 will have variants by Russell Dauterman (a Jean Grey and a Cyclops (opens in new tab)), Lucas Werneck (opens in new tab), Phil Jimenez (with (opens in new tab) and without trade dress), Emanuela Lupacchino (opens in new tab), and David Nakayama (with and without trade dress). 

So just who's part of this new X-Men line-up Hickman is debuting before he moves over to Inferno? Cyclops, Marvel Girl, Sunfire, Rogue, Wolverine (the former X-23, not Logan), Synch, and Polaris - the last recruited thanks to a fan vote.

(And don't worry - although not listed, Charles Xavier seems to be operating as an unofficial member/leader.)

Marvel has announced that following X-Men #21, the series will be relaunched with Gerry Duggan and Pepe Larraz at the helm. Hickman is going off for a mystery new X-title.

X-Men #21 goes on sale on June 9.

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Chris Arrant
Chris Arrant

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