WoW Week: Wrath of the Lich King, day 3

Another group of WoW players due to feel some love are those who like to knock bells out of each other- the PvP fraternity. “The major PvP addition will be Lake Wintergrasp, an entire non-instanced zone in Northrend dedicated to world PvP,” Jeff says while miming an axe motion. “We’re taking what we’ve learned from world PvP objectives in the Old World and Outland and building on that to provide some truly epic warfare. Players will be able to use siege weapons to assault the other faction’s buildings, and earn faction-wide buffs by completing objectives and gaining dominance in the zone.” And destructible buildings, at that.

Content isn’t locked to northern wastes either: “As with The Burning Crusade, we’re looking to add dungeon content to the old world as well. One that we’re very excited about is a new Caverns of Time scenario based on the WarCraft III mission, ‘The Culling’. Players will accompany the still-human Prince Arthas as he purges the plagued city of Stratholme, a pivotal moment in his fall from noble holy knight to Death Knight.”