World of Warcraft video contest

Blizzard recently announced a contest calling for the funniest fan-made World of Warcraft machinema. But players have been creating and posting hilarious short films online since the game's debut several years ago. It's unclear as to whether or not videos made prior to the contest will be eligible for submission, so we thought we'd take a moment to share our personal favorites.

The Adventures of Padfoot and Condi
Episode 4: Pat Sajak vs. Bob Barker

Despite the over-the-top hammy voice-acting, this series has managed to garner a loyal following of WoW watchers with its absurd dialogues and hilarious situations. No topic is off limits. In this short sketch, the duo discusses man crushes, game show discrimination, and argue over who would win in a fight between Pat Sajak and Bob Barker. We hope that creators Adrien de Tray and Clark Harris continue to produce additional episodes. In the mean time, click here to see our favorite episode.

Hardware Store

In terms of quality, this music video of Weird Al Yankovic's Hardware Store is one of the best we've ever seen. Filmed on location in Gadgetstan on the Stormrage server, this video takes an already funny song and peppers it with tons of visual puns which will bring a smile to the most serious of raid leaders. We can't imagine how long it must have taken creators, Slegg (a level 60 rogue) and Maere (a level 60 mage) to polish this little gem but we sure do appreciate it. Click here to check out some fast and furious editing and funny WoW visuals.