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A Good Way To Get Money At Low Levels

Learn how to skin or mine, because with mining you can get copper anywhere there's veins. Smelt 20 into a stack, and sell the stack for 40-80s in the action house. Skinning is faster but for a stack of 20 light leather you only get 20-40s.

Editor's note: prices vary across servers.

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Economic Predictions

Every so often, Blizzard brings out a new patch which in some way or another affects your gaming experience. When they do this, they usually open a beta test realm so that players can experience the full potential of the patch with a level 60 character. If you really want money, check the prices of as many items as you can and compare them with the prices of the current patch. If they are more expensive or rarer in the new patch, stock up on the item before the patch comes out. Vice versa applies, if the item is common and becomes cheaper in the new patch, sell as much of it as you can before the patch comes out. If you have an item that seems to be EXTINCT in the new patch, stock up. Big-time players pay alot for these items and it is not a bad way to make money.

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Mining Hints (Alliance)

If you're a starting miner here's some tips where to get some ores, how much you should buy or sell them for, and how some are used.

Copper Copper is found throughout Elywnn forest and Dun Morogh, especially in the mines. Copper is the starting base of mining and can be used for many things, even some advanced items such as the ironforge breastplate, but more importantly is necessary to make bronze. I'd sell 20 bars with a bid of 6 and a buyout of 8.

Tin I find most of my tin in Duskwood or Westfall. You can also find tin in Loch Modan. In Westfall the gold coast quarry and the dead mines have about a 50% chance of having copper, a 45% chance of tin, and a 5% chance of silver. Also, you have a 50% chance for tin, 20% chance for iron, 20% chance for copper, and about 10% chance for silver in Duskwood. Tin cannot make any items and is only used for making bronze. I don't think tin is worth selling, I think you hould smelt it into bronze, then sell it.

Bronze Bronze cannot be mined and is only used for making items. When you smelt 1 copper bar and 1 tin bar, you get 2 bronze bars. Now, you can get A LOT of money from selling bronze, to venders and other players, but not raw material to venders. For instance, there is a blueprint that makes rough bronze leggings, and the leggings sell for 10 silver to venders. It requires 6 bronze to make: that's 3 tin and 3 copper, so if you find 1 copper vein and 1 tin vein, assuming you get 3 from both, that's 10 silver right there. I'd sell bronze 20 bars for a bid of 22 and buyout of 30 or so.

Silver A pretty much useless material as it doesn't make anything. It only adds into bronze in items that are silvered, and there are only 2 items made out of silver alone: silver keys and silver rods. Silver is in Westfall and Duskwood, and I have also found it in Hillsbrad and other places. I'd sell silver about 3-10 coins a piece

Iron This is very valuable to a lot of people and makes some good items. I find almost all of my iron in Duskwood inside the ogre cavern. It is usually on the higher grounds and is worth a lot, but you can also take a lump of coal and turn it into steel. I would sell 1 iron bar for a bid of 15 silver and buyout 20.

Gold Also pretty useless. You can make keys and rods out of it but not much more. I've never actually mined it but I do know that it is found in the Searing Gorge and all those other Mordor-ish looking places, you can get a view on it sometimes on a gryphon from Ironforge to Stormwind. I'd sell 1 bar for about 25 silver bid and 35 silver buyout.

Steel Smelt a lump of coal that you can buy from vendors for 5 silver with some iron and you've got some steel. Steel actually sells to vendors for less then iron does, even though the coal is added. Steel is used in very strong items that high level players use, and is quite expensive to make. You should sell 20 steel for about 2.5 gold or so because you might sell 20 iron for 1 gold 50 silver, plus all that coal costs 1 gold. So if you're exaulted (reputation) you could make a lot of money doing this.

Mithril This is for high level players and can be found in the Searing Gorge, Burning Steps, and all those places. Mithril sort of has a silverish yellow taint to it, and has to be used in quests that require over 200 bars, which can cost you a LOT of time. Mithril is often combined with truesilver. Mithril should be sold for about 50 silver to 1 gold a piece.

Truesilver A very hard material to find, truesilver is sort of a silver to bronze, it is just an addition that strengthens a weapon. I don't know much about this material so you should sell it however you think is right.

Thorium The most valuable ore in the game, thorium is found along with mithril in the Searing Gorge and areas like such. It glows turquoise in a way. There is a rumor I have heard that in order to wear thorium armors, you must smelt one lead ore that is found on higher level miner enemies (such as kobolds) into your armor. This could make sense, seeing as how thorium is a radioactive material.

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Hunt For Yenniku And Cyclonian

A hint for the lvl 30 Warrior quest Cyclonian: get the quests Hunt for Yenniku and Cyclonian. Then go and fight the trolls north of Gromgol Base Camp and get nine tusks for the Hunt for Yenniku quest. When you are finished getting the tusks, abandon the Hunt for Yenniku quest, and it will count for Cyclonian. Then get the hunt quest again and continue the process.

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Easy Elwynn Riches

NearGoldshire of Elwynn Forest, to the south is the Fargodeep mine. If you have the patience to spend a lot of time here, you'll come across some very good items, such as Linen Cloths, Magic Staffs, even a good mallet. Also there are copper veins that spawn sometimes.

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Easily Find Copper

In the Elwynn Forest area (the zone where humans start) there's an area between the "triangle" of paths, one leading to Northshire, one to Stormwind. Go in between up to the mountains, but don't actually go up them. Copper often spawns there, and you can kill time by collecting linen cloth from the Defias Cutpurses often spawning there.

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How To Dive

When you're in the water, to dive you have to hold down the right mouse button and tilt the camera the way you want to dive. To get up out of the water, just jump, or push the spacebar (default to jump) to rise.

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Five Steps To Make A Guild

-Find a Guildmaster NPC in any of the major cities.

-Acquire a Guild Charter from the Guildmaster for 10 silver.

-Have 9 other players sign the Guild Charter.

-Return the Guild Charter to any Guildmaster.

-You have a Guild!

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Escape From Land Battles

When you are fighting a land creature (such as wolves, bears, most NPC's) and are around a deep body of water, you can jump in and dive down, then regenerate some of your life, use heal spells, etc. The creature/person will remain aggro'd, but on shore. This WILL NOT work on creatures that live in the water (such as Murlocs or Crocolisks).

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How To Make Gold In A Low Level Area


If you travel to Shadowprey Village in Desolace (Horde town, but Alliance can easily get past that), and you go out in the water and dive, you will find lots of cages on the bottom. These cages contains pretty often a Big Iron Fishing Pole that sells for 20-25g at Auction House!

I found three of these in an hour. It's best to be a warlock or to use some breathing potions.

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Easy Warlock Kills

It is very easy to kill mosters with a warlock by using immolation, curse of agony, corruption and any other damage over time spells you have, then using fear after the damage spells are cast. The monster runs away dying slowly over time and you don't even have to fight it.

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Good Class Professions

You should match these professions with the corresponding classes:

Druid: Skinning & Leatherworking, Herbalism & Alchemy, or Mining and Engineering.

Rogue: same as Druid.

Shamen: same as Druid.

Hunter: same as Druid.

Paladin: Mining & Blacksmithing, or Mining and Engineering.

Warrior: same as Paladin.

Priest: Herbalism & Alchemy, Mining and Engineering, or Tailoring.

Mage: same as Priest.

Warlock: same as Priest.

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Easy Gold

Best Place I have so far for acquiring lots of gold is Thelgen Rock, Wetlands: follow the road from Menethil Harbor east and go towards Dun Algaz. It will be on the western side of the road before you actually hit Dun Algaz. The spiders are lvl 22-23, easy to kill and there are tons of then, inside and out of the cave. Below is a list of the drops and what they sell for.

Gooey Spider Leg 10 1s 20c

Spider Ichor 10 1s 60c

Crisp Spider Leg 10 5s

Fist Sized Spinneret 10 5s 60c

Large Venom Sac 05 9s 25c

Spider Palp 05 16s 55c

Spider Silk 10 38s 70c

Total if you had 1 of each stack = 77s 90c

Spider silk is highly sought after by craftsmen and will often sell in the Auction House for at least one gold perstack.

Editor's Note: Large Venom Sac, which is used to make Strong Anti-Venom, will also sometimes sell well on the Auction House.

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Good Grinding Locations (Horde)

Lvl 1-5 Starting Locations

Lvl 6-10 Around Razor Hill

Lvl 11-17 Around Cross roads

Lvl 18-22 North of Camp Turaho

Lvl 25-30 Stone Talon Mountains

Tip: Humanioids are the fastest grinding enemies so try to find some, such as Quillboars and Harpies.


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Farts And Burps

During gameplay

When playing click on the talk bar and type /fart or /burp. If you have selected a character and type it in it will say something like "You stand next to (selected person) and fart or burp on them."

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Mount Surprise

Gain exalted reputation with a race other than your own to ride their mount.


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Prairie Chicken Buddy

Go to Westfall and you'll find a guy with chickens in front of him. Type /chicken to one of the chickens. Note: this may take a while so i advise that you to put /chicken in your macros. At some point it will say the chicken looks at you weirdly. Then talk to it and accept the quest it gives. Go to the farmer and buy bird seed and type /cheer before giving the seed to the chicken. You now have your own chicken pet!

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