World of Nintendo

5) Kirby papercraft

Fold your own paper Kirby models, or just end up tearing them to shreds and having a good old sulk when they don’t turn out as good as the pictures on this site. Making Kirby’s spherical body from hundreds of individual folds is as difficult as it sounds, but if you have the patience and the skill, just look atwhat you can create.

6) Space Invaders crap

Expensive crap, too. Continuing the 30th anniversary celebrations that include the excellent Space Invaders Extreme for DS and the forthcoming Space Invaders Get Even for Wii, thesedesigner accessoriesare available at Japanese fashion stores for a limited period only. If you’re visiting Tokyo and you really fancy a big crystal necklace with an 8-bit alien inside, don’t forget your credit card.

7) DS death bags

Just the thing for keeping your Nintendog quiet! This is a particularly unusual DS case, with a Mexican Dia de los Muertos vibe, and at a mere $16 plus postage it’s a fair bit cheaper than the usual hand-made stuff. If the idea of a dozen skulls leering up at you from your bag freaks you out, you canrequest the samepouch in different fabrics.

8) LEGO pixel art

We didn’t realise it was possible to buy large quantities of Lego bricks in the same colour. Ours were always a jumble of completely random shades. Here’s something you can try if you’ve got big tubs of primary colours all separated out –Lego Nintendo sprites. Great stuff. Our photography tip – sheets of white paper taped together and formed into a gentle curve make a better background than a rumpled old sheet.

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