World of Nintendo

17) Zelda philosophy

Due to be available on Amazon from November 28, and in the UK early January 2009, this book compiles various philosophical essays on the Zelda games, exploring questions such as whether Link has a will of his own, or if Hyrule can be seen as an ideal society.

18) NES lunchbox

If Mario ate sandwiches instead of mushrooms and coins, this is probably what he’d carry them to work in. Got a broken NES that you’d like to sacrifice? You’ll find some fairly detailed instructions to get you started on thiswebsite.

19) MORE Space Invaders!

Cheaper than the Space Invaders clothing (i.e. free) thisonline gamelets you compete for high scores with players around the world. Lie about your location – maybe you’ll jump to the top of the Mongolian leaderboard.

20) Pokemon protein

While many scientists name their discoveries after themselves, a Pokémon-loving research team at theOsaka Bioscience Institutenamed theirs after Pikachu. Why? It’s a protein that has something to do with ‘kinetic vision’ and Pikachu is fast, hence pikachurin. We await the discovery of snorlaxium, the chemical that makes us fall asleep at our desks on a Friday afternoon.

Sep 26, 2008

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