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13) Mini Genesis

Nintendo-related because most of its built-in games are available on Virtual Console, this is theMuga MP3 Sega Genesis– a combination of handheld Mega Drive and digital music player. You can listen to music while you play, and at $60 it’s pretty affordable.

14) Witch sketching

The voice cast of pervy witch-touching game Doki Doki Majo Shinpan aren’t just great at shrieking and moaning – they can alsodraw their charactersreally well. That should be a requirement for all actors. Bet Christian Bale can draw a good Batman.

15) More DS cases

Thesecute casesare from a UK designer, so delivery is likely to be a bit quicker there thanfor American users. They cost about $30 (£15) each, they’re super lovely, and you’ll be supporting good old British cottage industry if you buy one.

16) Super handheld SNES

There have been many portableSNES hacksbut this is probably the best one so far. It’s necessarily a little thick because of the size of the cartridges but everything else is pretty much perfect.

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