World of Nintendo

 Welcome to the monthly roundup of the weird, the wonderful and the ever so slightly perverted things that wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for the inspiration provided by 30-odd years of Nintendo gaming.

2) Nintendo Halo
Machinima is the art of creating movies using videogames, and is something Xbox 360 favourite Halo 3 is particularly well suited to. This clip puts Halo characters in parodies of various Nintendo games, from Pokemon Snap to Super Mario Bros. It’s nicely executed, quite funny and well worth a look.

Moms go crazy for Wii Fit
Chatshow host and Mark Green lookalike Ellen Degeneres sent her studio audience into a freebie frenzy when she presented them all with Wii consoles and Wii Fit balance boards. They leapt around, punched the air and hugged one another for joy, burning up as many calories as an all-out session of virtual hula-hooping.

9) Taxi for Mario

Americans had to wait slightly longer than the British for their Mario Kart Wii launch. Their compensation came in the form of this publicity stunt in New York, where Mario himself wandered the streets, hailing taxis for people and paying the bill in advance. What a guy!