World of Nintendo

Nov 7, 2007

1)Samus Wii

Probably the most elaborate Wii mod we’ve ever seen - and thanks to the razor-sharp prongs of the metal ‘S’ logo, the only one you could actually use as a weapon. But the potential ninja application isn’t the only reason it went for more than $2,000 on eBay. There’s a built-in recharger stand for the Wii Remote, lots of cool LEDs so you can find it in the dark, and the A button actually pulsates with orange light LIKE IT’S ALIVE! The genius who made it has also pimped up a Twilight Princess Wii and a Zelda DS. Clearly, he’s more superhuman legend than man…

2)Feather stylus

Look what we get for free in North America. Nintendo of America will send out one of these feather-shaped Phantom Hourglass styluses to anyone who registers on their website, and although it looks like something you’d find while gutting a squid and it’ll probably get lost because it’s clear and colourless, it’s free. So we want one.