World of Nintendo

Oct 4, 2007

1) Felt up
Hand-dyeing felt to craft a plush NES is sweet. Letting the creation take control of your mind, forcing you into making a felt Zapper, two felt games and a felt television to play it on is dangerous. Next thing, you've embroidered felt hands to play it with. In two month's time? Neighbours are chatting with your felt clone, commenting on how you're looking a tad peaky these days. End the madness now.

2) Yoshi Wii
Even though the idea of an acrylic Yoshi snatching the game disc from our very hands as it journeys to the Wii slot perturbs us, we're certainly envious of the moneybags who won this hand-painted beaut on eBay. For future bidding reference: it sold for $425.

3) State of play
Stateris. Tetris merged with the kind of blunt geographical knowledge not instilled in schools since the days that their hallways rang out with the sound of rapped knuckles and whimpering children.

4) Balance bored?
Some kind of modern day Merlin, Irontiger, has fixed a remote to a makeshift balance board to control the PC snowboard title, Stoked Rider. Well, we assume the two video boxes are connected - for all we know a game-controlling pal is off-screen and he's simply pelvic-thrusting the screen for effect.