World in Conflict demo out now

Aug 28, 2007

Sierra's promised World in Conflict PC demo is now out for download, weighing in at a cool 1.2GB and featuring both single-player and multiplayer action.

One the single-player side, the demo serves up a tutorial mission - US Airbase - and mission three from the single-player campaign, which carries the title The Battle of Pine Valley.

In addition, the Skirmish mode can be experienced on map Seaside (US vs. USSR), where you can play solo against the AI.

Multiplayer, meanwhile, is playable on the Seaside map and, if you pre-ordered World in Conflict, the Ruins map (US vs. USSR). The game's multiplayer mode supports up to 16 players.

World of Conflict on PC is out on September 21. You can download the demo from FileRadarhere.