World of Final Fantasy goes full chibi in 2016

Well isn't that cute? Following in a fine tradition of inserting Final Fantasy into everything in the most adorable way possible, Square-Enix will be releasing a chibi-fied title called World of Final Fantasy, coming first to PS4 and PS Vita in 2016.

Starring two siblings that look remarkably like Roxas from Kingdom Hearts, World of Final Fantasy will take place in a land populated by the "wee-est of beings", tiny round balls of creature based on animals found in the Final Fantasy series.

You can apparently keep them small and let them ride on your shoulder as little attack pets, or shrink yourself and make them into your personal stead. You'll also meet with series favorites like the Warrior of Light and Cloud Strife in chibi form, rounding out the whole adorable experience. That'll keep you tied over until Final Fantasy 15 and the brand new Final Fantasy 7 remake are released, right?

Ashley Reed

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